Product Care

At 305CUSTOM, our goal is to guarantee the longevity of every item we offer you. To accomplish this, please adhere to the product care instructions provided below. These guidelines will help maintain the quality of your items over time.


- Make sure all pockets are empty and zipped whenever possible.

- Wash garments inside out to protect the customisation from potential damage.

- Always read the label and other garment wash care instructions.


- Do not overload the washing machine as this won't allow for the cleaning substances to move through the water and around the clothes to ensure all clothing comes out clean and also helps prevent excess friction on the customised areas due to more freedom to move around.

- In order for best-continued results we don’t recommend washing our garments at a higher temperature than 30 degrees to ensure continued quality.

- We would recommend washing the item/s with similar garments and colours in order to maintain colour and quality

- Do not use bleach in any of the stages of cleaning the items

- Do not dry clean the items as the chemicals used could damage the garment/s

Post Washing

- Do not place the items directly on a heater or radiator as this could ruin the clothing

- Do not iron the customised area, we would recommend reversing the item out and ironing the inside if required and on the lowest heat setting if possible

- Do not tumble dry and this can cause the items to potentially shrink and damage the custom logos on the item/s